Rugby World Cup 2011, USA to New Zealand

I am headed to the Rugby World Cup 2011! My girlfriend and I will be touring the gorgeous islands of New Zealand and have tickets to see two RWC games: the opening games between New Zealand and Tonga and the USA v. Ireland game (game calendar). I am ridiculously excited about this and cannot wait to start the trip.  For those unfamiliar with what the flight from the US to NZ looks like, here it is:

That is 6,537 miles from SFO to Auckland, straight over the Pacific. Flight time, if all goes well, should be 11 hours 50 minutes. The flight also crosses the international date line close to New Zealand, adding a "day" to our journey. We leave SFO on 9/3 around10PM and arrive on 9/5 around 5am. Instead of going for a set agenda trip, we decided to make this journey a bit more adventurous and free wheeling. We have opted to get a camper van for the two weeks we are in country. This gives us the freedom to drive around and setup shop pretty much anywhere we wish. No hotel reservations to make or miss. No set destination, just the journey.  The vans are sweet as (trying to get the local lingo down).  We rented from Escape Rentals who will provide us with a kick ass van that looks like this:

The interior layout includes a day and night configuration. During the day we have a little pop-up table and at night, it all folds down into a queen sized bed: .

I will of course be posting real pictures of all of this possibly in real time, possibly after the fact. I have not yet decided if I will be bringing a laptop.

Be sure to follow the Rugby World Cup here in the states. Many bars will have the games live but you may need to get up early to see them (tape delays are for chumps). ESPN Scrum is a great resource for RWC2011 commentary, reviews, standings, and is also hosting a fantasy RWC league.