Happy Holidays to my friends

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Each year, I like to set aside some time for my friends during the holiday season and write them a nice note. It is a time of year that reminds me of those closest to me and what they mean in my life. While writing my cards this year, one stood out above the rest as a prime example that I thought I would share with all my friends.

Your holiday card can be found after the jump.

Translated from chicken scratch:

...It's the holidays again. A time most of us deal with teeming throngs of people to buy the perfect or almost-perfect-for-last-minute-shopping gift. A time when it seems we all lose our minds for a brief period. A time when we just might lose the Yule tide warmth in exchange for some bah humbugs. Well the true meaning of the holidays for me is taking a moment to bitch to my close friends about the holiday seasons.

I wish you a joyous Kwanza, a happy Hanukkah and a merry fucking Christmas.


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we love you too, timmy