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Barack Obama's full acceptance speech after the jump.


Jonh McCain's 2008 Concession Speech

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John McCain's full concession speech after the jump.


Morning after humor.

Heeeey, John McCain. You ran for the President, what's that like? You chose Sarah Palin as your VP and it ruined your campaign, what's that all about? I had a bad co-star in Shooter, you see that movie? We should do a film together - wadda you think? I'm not joking around, okay? This is real thing - I mean, this could be huge! Say hi to your mother for me, ok?

Obama won. Attended an awesome election party and drank a bottle of Korbel to celebrate the occasion. McCain's concession speech was awesome and Obama's acceptance speech was absolutely amazing.

Here's to hoping for four years of something different, something good. Four years of intelligent policy and repairing our international image. Obama could give up every single one of his campaign promises except change. I want to see actionable change. Go forth, Mr. President, and whoop some political ass.

Chemical Brothers - Salmon Dance

What Would James Bond Do...

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to celebrate the premier of his new movie, Quantum of Solace?

He'd throw a kick ass party, of course.

Address of the party has been redacted so heathen blog readers don't show up uninvited.

Invite proofs after the jump.