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Jonh Daly you're my hero

"Because Daly had no transportation, police said they held him in custody at a local jail until he sobered up. Daly was photographed by police but does not appear to have been charged with any crime. "

Source: Golf.com

The Pietasters!

DC sons, The Pietasters, are playing a show at the 9:30 Club on Halloween, Friday 31 October 2008.

When was the last time you rocked your ass off at a Ska show?

Penn State wins at The Horseshoe

PSU secured a 9-0 season beating Ohio State at The Horseshoe for the first time since 1978. Daryll Clark sat out for the fourth with a head injury, later reported to be a concussion. Clark has been an amazing force on the field, playing smart football and spearheading the Spread Highly Diverse (HD) offense. PSU fans held their breath as Devlin took the field. Will Pat Devlin be able to keep up, to step in and pick up the game? Yes, he was. Congrats out to Clark, Devlin, and the entire team for this huge win. A huge win for the team, the school, the history, and the BCS standings, and a possible shot at the National Championship.

Of course, back at State College a lot of students lost their damned minds and stories speak of a mini riot. The Collegian has what passes for coverage. Keeping with local news traditions, the Collegian only seems to interview people who present themselves as jackasses.

Video and Stills after the jump.

When the market returns


El Swifterino, a friend who works in Georgetown, passed along the pictures below. Canvassing the area of 33rd & M, 34th & M and many side streets, he said the stickers are all over on signs, traffic lights, etc.

I can't help but wonder if either Wil Weathon took some speed and cruised around G-town putting up the stickers or the fact that Shepard Fairey was out in Logan Circle last week touching up a mural he put up on the alley wall next to Logan Hardware on P Street NW, between 14th and 15th.


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Say hi to your mother for me, aiight?

Wahlberg gets pissed, says he wants to break Andy Samberg's nose and then goes on SNL to do a skit about it.


As the World Series Approaches...

I am constantly reminded what it means to be a Philadelphia fan. We have such a horrible reputation in the world of sports. I fully admit that even classifying myself as a fan is dubious at best. I watched exactly two Phils games this season. TWO. But I'm proud as hell of my boys being in the World Series. If we are going on number of games watched and possibly number of players names known, than I am a Boston Redsox fan. I wanted very badly to see a Sox v. Phils world series but, alas, I must settle for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Who would I have supported if it was a Sox v. Philly World Series? A tough decision I had not yet made and now, through the process of elimination, don't have to!

Now, I am throwing my hopes and dreams that the Phils will rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes of a city that knows nothing but loss. A city where let-down is what feeds us, disappointment nurtures us and drives us forward. A city of sports fans that Buzz Bissinger defines succinctly, "Because disappointment has become our badge of honor. It is our temptress, our goddess, our Aphrodite, and we have grown to embrace and love her." More from Bissinger's NY Times article after the jump.

On Sunday, 19 October 2008, Colin Powell eviscerated the Republican party, very clearly and methodically detailed McCain's short comings and officially endorsed Barack Obama. Video and full text of Colin Powell's segement on Meet the Press is posted after the jump.

Andrew Lahde's resignation letter.

Andrew Lahde opened a hedge fund that saw a 1000% return rate by exploiting the sub-prime mortgage debacle. Below is his resignation letter where he thanks the idiots who made him successful.

Wall Street Journal's "The Weekend Interview" discusses failed monetary policy with Anna Schwartz, a 92 year old economic adviser at the National Bureau of Economic Research in New York.