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Valentines Day

VD Venn digram

Simple and precise if you're in a relationship or a bitter single person. Thankfully I am not in a relationship, not bitter, and have excellent friends.

I spent this hallmark holiday with three good friends at Brasserie Becks (http://www.beckdc.com/), a French/Belgian cuisine restaurant that opened in DC last spring.

31 Days til St. Patty's Day

Forget the Guinness Towel, Guinness Flying Disk, or any other Guinness branded toy that won't be delivered for six months after being ordered. Guinness is going for broke and has created an online petition, Proposition 3-17 (get it?), to make St. Patty's day a national U.S. holiday. They need one million signatures in order to present the petition to Congress for consideration. Currently, they have 977,000.

I appreciate the effort; however, the day after St. Patty's day should be the real national holiday.

Regardless, Guinness needs your help!

Sign the petition for Proposition 3-17 at http://www.proposition317.com

"... zooming in on attractive women."

[WaPo] http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/02/10/AR2008021002726.html?nav=rss_metro

Arthur B. Spitzer, legal director of the Washington office of the American Civil Liberties Union, demonstrates that he has never been to the District's low or high crime areas.

I think the police should try to find attractive females with the cameras, it would ensure that they are glued to their monitoring stations. I suggest a points-based system between one and five, where one is witnessing a mugging take place and dispatching police and five is finding a hot woman in this town.


Improved the site layout and threw up the graphic to the left...improving a few more things and hopefully regular posting will resume.