25 facts you don't need to know about DistrictGrind

I loath these things...but here it is. See fact number 16 for an explanation.

1. All my life I have believed I am 50/50 Irish and Russian, descending from a family of Russians on my father's side and Irish on my mothers. In fact, I am of Ukrainian and...Newfoundlander descent. The Newfie side is from Ireland originally but lived in Newfoundland for damned near 80 years.

2. I am a sports nut. I snowboard, skateboard, surf, play rugby, golf, volleyball, rock climb, and mountain bike

3. I am a computer geek who hates computers.

4. I believe the internet is helping nurture a generation of jackasses and morans (sic)!

5. My life philosophy is called Stupendous Jackassery. It is a simply philosophy - do wholly outrageous, stupid, reckless, and outright dangerous things at least once in your life. Stupendous Jackassery exists to push your limits, confront fears, and make you stronger in some way. Examples include: Skydiving, running races while being a smoker (resistance training, once I quit I'll give that Jamaican Olympian a run for his money), slapping a lion's ass, going for huge air off of a half pipe without knowing if you can stick the landing, laughing at a police officer when he asks you where the fire is (it wasn't out of disrespect...it was just a giant clich�...).

6. I love music of all kinds. When I last calculated the length of my music collection, I could play music for almost 2.5 months straight without repeating a song. That's 1,848 hours or 110, 880 minutes of music growing steadily.

7. I love concerts and I will be the first out of the group to go into the pit. This will never change.

8. People tell me I am intelligent and funny, I don't believe them.

9. I hate the radio and pop music. Anything playing on a top 40 radio station, MTV, etc will almost always earn my scorn. I am a music snob.

10. My fight or flight response is painfully indecisive. Get me in a situation where that biological response kicks in and I will just stand there dumbstruck for a minute or two.

11. I don't remember anything I say while talking in front of a large audience. My greatest fear about public speaking is not that I will mess up but, that during the blackout phase, I will end up sounding like Steve Carrel in Bruce Almighty. I speak publicly on a regular basis (Stupendous Jackassery).

12. I will always put friends ahead of myself and expect the same from them, even though it is a very unrealistic expectation.

13. I believe in science, reason, and logic; however, I also believe there is a god.

14. My other life philosophy is simply "no regrets only lessons learned."

15. When I am behind the wheel of a car, I am omniscient and infallible.

16. I am the most hypocritical person I know.

17. If I had to compare myself to any movie character it would be Keyser S�ze due to my love of skulduggery.

18. When people quote Steven Covey or Rhonda Byrne I get punchy.

19. I was baptized and raised Catholic. I was educated for 16 years in catholic school system. I have a great distaste for Catholicism.

20. In my freshman and sophomore year of high school, I did a lot of stupid things and was kicked out of a prep school. My freshman and sophomore year of college I did a lot of stupid things and was asked to leave. I hope this trend stopped in college and does not follow me into my professional life.

21. I have lost most of the physical altercations I have entered. I am a lover not a fighter.

22. From 7am until 6pm, I am 100% business. As soon as my tie comes off, I turn into a teenager.

23. I never want to lose the Calvin and Hobbes spirit of life

24. When I buy a new CD, I will find a way to listen to every song in one sitting while reading the liner notes and lyrics for all the songs (if there are any).

25. Sitting on my surfboard, bobbing in the ocean, is the most peaceful place I have found in life.