Penn State wins at The Horseshoe

PSU secured a 9-0 season beating Ohio State at The Horseshoe for the first time since 1978. Daryll Clark sat out for the fourth with a head injury, later reported to be a concussion. Clark has been an amazing force on the field, playing smart football and spearheading the Spread Highly Diverse (HD) offense. PSU fans held their breath as Devlin took the field. Will Pat Devlin be able to keep up, to step in and pick up the game? Yes, he was. Congrats out to Clark, Devlin, and the entire team for this huge win. A huge win for the team, the school, the history, and the BCS standings, and a possible shot at the National Championship.

Of course, back at State College a lot of students lost their damned minds and stories speak of a mini riot. The Collegian has what passes for coverage. Keeping with local news traditions, the Collegian only seems to interview people who present themselves as jackasses.

Video and Stills after the jump.

Note: sourced from the Collegian website:

Note: sourced from the Collegian website, credit given